Message from NCMGMA President Matt Johnson


After a tumultuous 2020, we had so much hope for a better year in 2021. Little did we know, the pandemic was not finished wreaking its havoc and with 2022 fast approaching, do we dare say, “the worst is behind us?” Being a glass-half-full kind of guy, I’m going out on a limb to say, “Yes! 2022 is going to be a better year!”

I know for sure that without NCMGMA, my work-life would have been much more complicated these past two years. Networking with colleagues on our member listserv alone has been worth the price of our dues, and then some. I have heard repeatedly about how the listserv aided healthcare leaders in our state to make key decisions for their practices through these unprecedented times. There was a comfort in feeling we were not alone facing these extreme challenges.

As your incoming president, I want to take this time to first thank you all for being active participants in this incredible organization. We are comprised of many of the finest minds in healthcare, not only in North Carolina but the nation. Collectively, we can make significant impacts on how healthcare is delivered in our state. There is much strength in numbers, and when we work together on common goals, there is no stopping us. Connecting is the key!

So, what are our common goals? Surely, we are more than just a networking platform to bounce ideas off of when we need some help on the listserv. To help answer this question, let’s reflect on our Vision and Mission statements. Too often, these statements are dismissed as perfunctory relics we brush the dust off of every now and then but never really use for their designed purpose. And, what is that purpose? The vision is what you want to accomplish, and the mission is how you will achieve this vision.

Sounds simple, right? But let’s dig deeper because there is much more. We develop strategies from the vision and mission, and within these strategies, you will find those common goals I mentioned earlier. Under the astute leadership of our immediate past-president, Amanda McKinney, she facilitated the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan for NCMGMA that included one-year, three-year, and five-year goals with the help of our Leadership Council. While it was a tedious but fun process, Amanda forced us to think and put our thoughts on paper to memorialize the work. Leadership all agree this strategic plan must be a living document and a roadmap for moving NCMGMA forward.

If you have not seen this document yet, let me highlight a few of the goals:

  • Grow our public profile – Maintain connections by enhancing our list of contacts from available resources. Continue to work with NC healthcare thought leaders.
  • Advocacy – Conduct quarterly calls with the Advocacy Committee chairs to maintain and improve this pillar of the organization.
  • Strengthen committees – Engage members through committees that touch on practice pain points.
  • New member engagement – Announce committee meetings on e-news – onboarding/education to new members on strengths of NCMGMA.

I encourage you to reflect on these goals and ask yourself how you can contribute to our successful achievement of them. Join a committee, contribute to the listserv, call your Legislator! There are many ways to help.

Something almost all of you can do now is participate in the 2021 Salary Survey. There may never have been a time when this has been more important. We are all too familiar with the workforce challenges businesses are experiencing across all industries throughout the country. Healthcare is not exempt from these challenges, and we find ourselves competing with one and other for employees and with sectors that were not competitors in the past.

Even if you have completed the survey in the past, please do so again. The market has changed dramatically for many positions, and this survey will give us the data to go to our respective organizations to adjust wages, if necessary, to be competitive. If you have never completed the survey, I implore you to please do so. Don’t wait. Although it can be more time-consuming than your basic survey, the information is extremely valuable. The more data we have, the better. By completing at least 75% of the survey, you qualify to receive your own free copy. I cannot think of a more relevant benchmark than this to assist us with managing our teams. Also, if you know other healthcare leaders who are not NCMGMA members, they too can complete the survey and receive the data. Please get the word out and, please, participate in this important exercise.

And finally, please commit to connecting with other NCMGMA members in 2022. Don’t underestimate the power of connectivity. We can achieve more together. My commitment to you all is to humbly serve in my role as president while following the comprehensive roadmap developed by my predecessors.

I look forward to connecting with you in 2022.

Matt Johnson, MA, MBA
NCMGMA 2021-2022 President