Message from 2020-21 NCMGMA President Amanda McKinney

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Message from the President

I want to take a moment to personally thank our NCMGMA members. Most of us have felt the effects as our state’s healthcare industry has struggled through this pandemic, and I know some practices, companies, and managers are still facing enormous challenges as we continue to push forward. If there is a positive that has come from this most challenging season, it is that our North Carolina healthcare community is unquestionably strong.

As an association, NCMGMA has worked diligently to continue to keep up the support and resources needed through various channels, as we were unable to meet in person. Through the listserv, state-hosted webinars, surveys, advocacy-efforts, and locally hosted educational events and opportunities, we have done a phenomenal job remaining relevant to practices and our industry partners through this pandemic.

Today, many of us can see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. With an extraordinary effort towards vaccinations in our local communities and across the state, we have begun to cautiously evaluate opportunities for engagement beyond our virtual learning avenues. Our community has offered so much to many of us this year via the wonder of technology, but I know we are eager to have sidebar chats and meet new people outside of the confines of a small box on our laptop screens.

I am proud to say NCMGMA will be meeting, in-person, this May for our Annual Conference, one of the first healthcare associations in NC to do so. I am grateful to our staff, committee, and industry partners for the support and commitment to ensuring the safety of our members. For many of us, attending an in-person meeting will be incredibly helpful to our work within the healthcare domain. Our continued focus on NCMGMA’s main pillars of networking, education and advocacy is critical.

For those of you who are able and willing, I encourage you to make the investment of time and resources to attend this meeting. The content is strong, the location is fabulous, and I am comforted by the commitment of so many to our safety. For those who simply cannot make it in May, we understand and are hoping to welcome you this October in Asheville for our Fall Conference.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in just a few weeks in Myrtle Beach. I appreciate our NCMGMA community members who have already stepped forward to attend and look forward to celebrating the resilience and success of our industry together!

Amanda McKinney, MBA
NCMGMA 2020-2021 President