Smarter Connections with Life Science Experts

2022 Alliance sponsor feature article courtesy of RxVantage

The pace of change in today’s medical practices is tremendous: agile workflows, telehealth, and remote monitoring technologies are a small part of the new reality fueled by COVID-19. This is in addition to new indications and protocols for existing drugs, novel cutting-edge medical technology, and innovative clinical trials. According to an article published by Elsevier Connect, it’s estimated that the body of medical knowledge doubles every 73 days. Combined with the chaos of the pandemic, medical practices have reconsidered the most efficient way to engage with life science experts to drive smarter and more timely decisions for their patients and practice.

One area that practices have historically had issues managing is visitations from life science experts. Life science experts are a vital source of information for all practices, providing information on new product development, clinical trial results, patient assistance programs, and so much more. However, many times these experts are unscheduled, which means practice clinicians may not be able to get the vital information they need, and similarly, life science experts leave without ever meeting with the providers. The friction posed by this lack of synergy for both the life science expert and provider workflow can mean canceled meetings – meetings which are vital in keeping physicians up-to-date with product information – and potentially prolonging patient treatment decisions.

RxVantage user, Childs Dermatology, a dermatology practice in Texas, notes “It is important for us to get updated information, including which new drugs are coming out, what they’re for, and who can—and can’t— get them,” says Raquel Frausto, medical assistant. Frausto mentions the benefits she’s experienced from adding RxVantage’s online platform to their practice, including being able to rely on timely and relevant education from life science reps throughout COVID-19. On implementing the platform in her office, Frausto says, “I really love the ease of the life science reps being able to schedule meetings themselves without having to ask me first. That’s one less thing I have to worry about.”

RxVantage understands that smarter connections with life science resources and experts help practices improve patient care. To do this, practices must take advantage of tools that streamline communications, logistics and meetings with life science experts. Additionally, in a post-COVID world, practices need tools that give them the ability to hold online meetings that are equally productive and informative as those held in person.

Based on feedback from the practices in our network, we have created those tools to help offices run efficiently and ensure that HCPs receive timely information. RxVantage was created to give HCPs and practice managers a smarter way to communicate with life science experts, schedule meetings, and receive information on-demand and on their terms. Our rep directory provides practice managers and staff with updated pharma rep and life science expert contact information. Further, to ensure that meetings with life sciences experts aren’t missed due to a lack of communication about office policy, practices and pharmaceutical reps may use the In-Office Policy Builder to maintain alignment. Life science experts can also serve various other practice staff, including billers and coders. These non-clinical staff often need timely and up-to-date reimbursement information that supports revenue cycle management.

The global pandemic placed unparalleled demands on the healthcare industry, but two things have remained constant among HCPs’ priorities: patient care and maintaining their medical knowledge to treat them. Having the tools to make smarter connections that expand and accelerate your office’s on-demand access and ability to engage with life science experts results in smarter and more timely decisions for your patients and practice.

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