Can Physicians Fix Healthcare by Becoming Independent Again?


Can Physicians Fix Healthcare by Becoming Independent Again?

This interview is part of a new collaborative series made possible by Business of Healthcare and the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association. These interviews further our mission to provide high-level content for continuing education for our members while highlighting key players and issues in North Carolina’s healthcare industry.

In this interview:

boh18-kdo231aK. Dale Owen, Jr., MD
Chief Executive Officer and Cardiologist
Tryon Medical Partners (Charlotte, NC)

Cardiologist and Tryon Medical Partners CEO Dale Owen, MD, and his 88 physician partners recently separated their practice from a large health system. In a BOH interview available as podcast and video at, Owen explains why he and his partners made this change, why plans to take on population health risk is critical to physician engagement and how challenging it is to stand up a 75,000-patient practice in weeks.

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Continuing Education Credit

By reading, watching or listening to the full interview, you may self-report to earn 0.5 hours Continuing Education Credits for Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) or Fellow of the American College of Medical Practice Executives (FACMPE) credentials.

NCMGMA and BOH thank Mako Medical Laboratories for making this series
on independent physician practice possible.


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Upcoming Interviews

Upcoming interviews in the series feature Mandy Cohen, MD, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services; Jeff James, Chief Executive Officer of Wilmington Health; and Chad Price, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mako Medical Laboratories.

Interesting in Participating?
If you are interesting in being interviewed or have a tip on someone who would be a great interview candidate, please contact Melissa Klingberg in the NCMGMA offices at

New ACMPE Study Group for Test or Retest in December

For those of you who tested for board certification in September and will need to retest for one or both parts of the test in December, MGMA has created a special pilot study group session “to ensure we are being transparent of what is on our current exams, and see if laying out the main topics will help the examinee.” This study group session is not yet available on the website. Anyone preparing for December testing is invited to attend.If you’d like to be added to the roster to participate in the pilot study group, please email me at and I will forward your information to MGMA. Don’t give up!

And here is some additional information about achieving certification or fellowship:

MGMA Website Updates
  • MGMA has launched the new website and they are working daily to optimize the user experience.
  • The ACMPE claiming of continuing education has been launched under “Account Management.” New features will continue to be added including export and transcript details.
  • Information on Board Certification and Fellowship can be found under “Career Pathways.”
What the 2019 Changes Mean:
For Nominees:

If you do NOT hold a bachelor’s degree or have 120 college credit hours by Dec. 31, 2018 you will need to:

  • Complete and pass both examinations by the Dec. 1-15 exam cycle. Registration is open now through 11/6/18!
  • Log all 50 hours of continuing education (CE) hours under the current CE requirements, starting 30 days prior to their acceptance date. If your exams are passed, you will receive a 6 months extension to complete your 50 hours by June 31, 2019 under the 2019 continuing education requirements.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, 120 college credits or are currently in the process of completing your degree, you will remain as a nominee and will need to begin working toward the following starting on Jan. 1, 2019:

  • Earn your CMPE credential within three years. If accepted before Jan. 1, 2019, you will have until Dec. 31, 2021 to complete the program.
  • Log 50 hours of CE credit under the new 2019 CE requirements.
For CMPEs pursuing Fellowship:

If you do NOT hold a bachelor’s degree by Dec. 31, 2018 you will need to:

  • Receive approval on a business plan proposal or paper outline AND submit a final business plan or manuscript by Dec. 31, 2018.

If you have a bachelor’s degree AND seven years of healthcare management AND two years in a leadership role; OR if you have a master’s degree with five years management, AND two years in a leadership role, you will need to begin work on the following starting Jan. 1, 2019:

  • Complete Fellowship within two years of your application date. If accepted before Jan. 1, 2019, you will have until Dec. 31, 2020 to complete.
  • If you have a paper outline submitted and accepted prior to Jan. 1, 2019, you may continue working on your paper manuscript up until two years from your outline approval date. Starting in 2019, business plan submissions will be the only acceptable submission if no outline is previously accepted.
  • Log 50 hours of continuing education (CE) every three years following the new 2019 CE requirements. These CE requirements also apply to maintain your current CMPE credential in 2019.
Incentives to join MGMA-ACMPE:
Offering ACMPE credit for state educational programs:

For an activity to meet the criteria for ACMPE continuing education credit hours, it must:

  • Be relevant to the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management
  • Be delivered in a structured learning environment
  • Have an element of interactivity
Study Groups:
  • Fellowship Preparation Series is available on-demand presented by Lee Ann H. Webster, FACMPE and Nina Chavez, FACMPE.
    • Session 1 – ACMPE Fellowship: Requirements and the Submission Process
    • Session 2 – Developing a Fellowship Manuscript or Business Plan
  • ACMPE Board Certification Study Group Series
    • Registration is open for on-demand, For CE credit, you must also register for the post assessments for each session.Topic:
      • Board Certification Program Overview
      • Financial Management
      • Operations Management
      • Risk and Compliance Management
      • Human Resources Management
      • Organizational Governance and Patient-Centered Care
2019 Continuing Education Criteria:

To become board certified:

  • Earn 50 continuing education (CE) credit hours
    • 30 hours from MGMA resources
      • 12 hours required from MGMA national/state/local chapter face-to-face events
    • 20 additional hours from qualified sources

To maintain your CMPE/FACMPE credential:

  • Earn 50 continuing education (CE) credit hours every 3 years
    • 30 hours from MGMA resources
      • 12 hours required from MGMA national/state/local chapter face-to-face events
    • 20 additional hours from qualified sources