Join in #MGMAAdvocacy to Prevent Medicare Payment Cuts

Originally published in the October 20, 2022, issue of MGMA’s Washington Connection
Reprinted with permission from MGMA

With just over two months left in 2022, MGMA needs your help urging Congress to take action to avert significant Medicare payment cuts set to take effect in 2023. Send a letter to your members of Congress today encouraging the passage of legislation to avert the 4.5% reduction to the Medicare conversion factor, waive the statutory 4% Pay-As-You-Go sequester, and provide an inflationary update based on the Medicare Economic Index. MGMA Government Affairs’ latest report on Medicare cuts showcases what medical groups around the country have to say about these proposed payment cuts, including how they would significantly disrupt patient access to care, practice operations, and overall investment throughout the healthcare industry.

The time to act is now! Join in #MGMAAdvocacy today by sending a letter to your members of Congress urging for the swift passage of legislation to avert these significant payment cuts!

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