Call for Nominations to the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association Board of Directors

Volunteer and Join the NCMGMA Board!

Nominations are being solicited from our Active members to serve on the NCMGMA Board of Directors. In accordance with our bylaws, there are two (2) open positions on the Board of Directors as at-large members beginning November 1st, which is a three (3) year term, ending on October 31, 2023.

Any member may nominate another member or themselves. All nominees should complete a leadership profile for review by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will convene in August for the purpose of recommending a slate of candidates to the NCMGMA Board of Directors for approval by the membership at our next NCMGMA Business Meeting.

Please click this link to view a copy of our bylaws (PDF).

Recently, NCMGMA’s Board of Directors reviewed and approved an updated association bylaws, recommended by the Governance Committee. One amendment to the bylaws included the structure of the board and allows for a call for nominations to the board, unrestricted by location, as previously stated in our bylaws.

The NCMGMA Leadership Profile Form asks general questions, and asks for a personal letter of commitment and an employer letter of recommendation. Both letters are required and can be submitted through the online Leadership Profile Form or emailed to Please click on the Leadership Profile Form below to begin.

Leadership Profile Form

Nominations are due NO LATER than 5:00 pm on August 14th.

The Nominating Committee appreciates all nominations received. However, the Committee may only be able to respond to those candidates it elects to recommend.

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