Which EHR Vendor is Next?

2018 Alliance sponsor article courtesy of Azalea Health

Like the saying goes, the only constant is change. We have come to expect changes in our personal lives, but when it comes to business, unexpected changes can be unwelcomed and disruptive. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and develop, healthcare executives have sought out mergers and acquisitions as a way of survival. EHR vendor mergers and acquisitions though can be quite disruptive to physician practices. We have seen major EHR vendor transactions in 2018, with the NueMD, AdvancedMD, and Marlin Equity activity being the most recent.

According to a recent Black Book Research report, 30% of physician practices are looking to replace their EHR within 3 years. These EHR replacements happen for various reason, including:

  • existing EHR does not meet ONC standards;
  • current vendor “sunset” or replaced their EHR;
  • current vendor sold or merged company;
  • poor customer service

But not all physicians replace their EHR out of despair. Some are proactively looking for an EHR solution that fits their workflow better and has modern, advanced features to take them into the next decade.

With technology critical to the business functions of your practice, it is important to keep a close eye on these five signals that your EHR vendor is serious about planning for the future:

  1. Cloud-based
  2. Telehealth
  3. Interoperability
  4. Regulatory Upkeep
  5. Patient Engagement

For detailed information on evaluating vendors based on these five factors, download Azalea Health’s eBook, Ensuring Your Future Success: Five Signs Your EHR Vendor Is Sticking Around.


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