Palmetto GBA E-mail Update: Friday, August 25, 2017

Email and Faxed Inquiries
CMS requires all providers to utilize the Provider Contact Center (PCC) (855-696-0705) as their point of contact with their Medicare Administrative Contractors. If you submit an unsolicited fax or email inquiry directly to a specific department or individual your inquiry will be routed to the written correspondence area within the PCC for proper logging, tracking, research and response. An escalation process is used for complex issues. Submitting inquires directly to the PCC will assure CMS compliance and allow for the most timely response.

Applies to:

  • JM Home Health and Hospice//General
  • JM Part A//General
  • JM Part B//General

September 2017 Medicare Advisory
The September 2017 Medicare Advisory is now available. Please review this issue for Medicare policy and coverage updates as well as announcements for upcoming provider education opportunities. Please remember to share this information with your staff.

Applies to:

  • JM Part B//General

When using the Clock Draw test (CDT) to assess the patient’s cognitive function as part of the Annual Wellness Visit, do we need to scan the actual paper CDT into the patient’s medical record?
The provider may scan the patient’s Clock Draw test (CDT) but it is not required. At a minimum the interpretation and scoring of the drawing must be documented. Please share with appropriate staff.

Applies to:

  • JM Part B//General

A Physician’s Guide to Medicare Part D Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Programs
Medication Therapy Management providers work with physicians to deliver the best medication therapy to patients and to coordinate their medication therapy across multiple practitioners. The latest clinical information is used by MTM providers when reviewing patients’ medication therapy, such as updates to the Beers criteria for high-risk medications and revised monographs for old and new medications. MTM providers also listen to patients’ concerns about their medications and may offer recommendations to physicians and patients to help achieve their goals of therapy. As always, physicians make the final decisions about changes in drug therapy.

Applies to:

  • JM Part B//General
  • Railroad Medicare (RRB)//General – Railroad Medicare

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