MGMA Stat: Your source for timely data at your fingertips!


MGMA Stat is designed to capture real-time data on hot topics affecting the healthcare industry via text message polls. Healthcare organizations, around the country, are already participating to help shape the industry. We ask questions about practice management, the impact of new legislations, patient satisfaction – issues that matter most to you!

Text the word MGMANC to 33550 to join.

How does it work?

  • MGMA Stat is open to all healthcare professionals, regardless of MGMA membership status
  • After joining, you will receive weekly polling questions via text message
  • Voting is conducted via text message, you need a cell phone to participate
  • To participate, simply respond to the question with your answer
  • Poll results are texted to participants within 48 hours
  • The time commitment is less than 10 seconds per week

Why participate?

  • Receive timely data you won’t get elsewhere, and related resources for free, within 48 hours of the poll data
  • Gain valuable insights for your organization
  • With enough participation, we will be able to report data by section – or even by state!
  • Help MGMA better serve you and your organization through professional development and educational content, lobbying efforts, product and service offerings, and more
  • Want to know what other healthcare organizations are doing? Send your questions to to be included in a future question

Visit for more details.


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