President’s Monthly Message

Dear Fellow NCMGMA Members,


Jacob Rodman, NCMGMA President

As I write this message, I sit here with the same anxiousness and anxiety that all of us currently share.  Our year has not been off to a great start, filled with challenges with payers and the ACA enrollment.  But, as I have said many times before, I can rest a little easier knowing our organization has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with such organizations as BCBS, United, MGMA, Medicaid, and the NC Medical Society.  Although it can be difficult to see in the day-to-day workings of our practices, I can assure all of you that NCMGMA has made great strides advocating on behalf of our profession and all of our physicians.

Most of the board, including Advocacy Committee Chair Cameron Cox and ACMPE Forum Rep. Becky Ayers, recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to attend the MGMA State Leaders Conference.  Thank you to MagMutual for their generous sponsorship which allows our board to participate in this great event.

The State Leaders Conference focuses solely on what it means to be a prudent board member, and provides a forum for sharing ideas across all of the 49 states represented.  NCMGMA came away with a renewed strength in our numbers, our influence and our membership.  As I have said many times before, we have a great team of people in all the right places.

Once again, I assure all of you that we are not alone in this journey and NCMGMA is here to help you.  If you are having issues, please use us: use your committee chairs and your board members.  We have strength in our numbers and influence.  Let’s stand strong together as we tackle this New Year!


Jacob A. Rodman
NCMGMA President


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