Panthers and NCMGMA Well Represented at MGMA State Leaders Conference in Denver

NCMGMA represented the Carolina Panthers well while in Denver last week for the MGMA State Leaders Conference. The NCMGMA Board of Directors, Cam Cox (Advocacy Liaison), Becky Ayers (ACMPE), Todd Pittman (MGMA State Liaison) and Jane Parish (MGMA State Liaison) attended this annual event which focuses on association leadership.

We would like to thank MagMutual for helping make this trip possible this year. Without their assistance, we would not have been able to send such a strong contingency out to Denver this year.


(L-R): Tessa Wolfarth, Donna Fogleman, Melissa Klingberg, Melissa White, Jacob Rodman, Joni Brantley, Jessa Kaluka, Sandra Jarrett, Fran Sembert, Cameron Cox, III, and Becky Ayers.

During the event, NCMGMA and Colorado MGMA entered into a friendly wager on the Super Bowl this year! If the Panthers win, Colorado MGMA will wear Panthers gear during their Annual Conference’s opening session and vice-versa. We’re all rooting for the Panthers this Sunday because we want to bring a Super Bowl win to the Carolinas, but more importantly, we don’t want to have to sport any Bronco’s gear in May down in Charleston!


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