2016 ACMPE Examinations

Register for the ACMPE Examinations

The time to get started is now. Below you will find information on the 2016 exam dates, the location of the exams and when the registration opens and closes. You can also find complete information on the ACMPE page of the MGMA website.

  • February 13 – 27
    Nationwide computerized testing (view locations)
    Registration is open December 30, 2015 – January 13, 2016
  • June 11 – 25
    Nationwide computerized testing (view locations)
    Registration is open April 27 – May 9
  • September 10 – 24
    Nationwide computerized testing (view locations)
    Registration is open July 27 – August 8
  • December 3 – 17
    Nationwide computerized testing (view locations)
    Registration is open October 19 – November 2

Registration fees for exams are $165 and are not transferable.

How to Register for Computerized Exams

  1. Exam Eligibility – Before registering for the exams, you must be an active participant in the ACMPE program (Your application, application fee and documentation of a minimum of two years’ experience in an ambulatory or other healthcare management position and a minimum of six months in a supervisory role must be approved.) For additional information, please read more on how to Get Started.
  2. Exam registration fees – You can pay your exam registration fees through the MGMA online store or by calling toll-free 877.275.6462, ext. 1888.
  3. Confirmation of eligibility – Within five business days of paying your exam registration fees, you will receive a Notice to Schedule email. You will receive one Notice to Schedule per exam. This will include your personal user name and password allowing you to make your exam appointment at a designated testing facility.
  4. Select exam date, time and location – With your user name and password in hand, you must follow the link provided to locate your specific exam site and schedule a date and time to take the exams. Please note that you must book one appointment per exam. If you have registered for both exams, you will need to book two appointments. Exam site hours vary by location. You will be able to choose any available appointment that works for you during the exam window. Please note that exam appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so scheduling early will help ensure the best choice of appointment time and location. Directions to your selected exam site, procedures and other information will be provided to you in an email from our testing vendor, Castle.

About the Examinations

  • Multiple choice: Fee $165
    A 175-item, multiple-choice test taken within three hours and 15 minutes. This exam assesses your on-the-job knowledge of the broad scope of group practice management principles and practices as described in the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management
  • Essay: Fee $165
    Responses to questions about three real-life practice management situations must be answered in formal essay style within one and a half hours. This exam assesses in-depth knowledge of medical practice management principles and issues, problem-solving and decision-making skills and the ability to communicate in formal writing style.

Computerized exams locations
ACMPE has partnered with Castle centers to offer approximately 500 exam sites. Once you register for an exam through the MGMA store and your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be provided with a user name and password that will allow you to select your exam location, date and time. Please note that you won’t be able to schedule your exam appointment at a Castle testing site until you have submitted your registration fees and eligibility requirement.

Exam cancellation and rescheduling policy

  • To reschedule an exam: If you need to reschedule within the current exam date block, you may do so by calling Castle Worldwide at 919.572.6880. Please note that a $50 per exam rescheduling fee applies.
  • To cancel an exam:  To cancel your exam, please contact MGMA at 877.275-6462, ext. 1888. If you are canceling four or more days prior to your exam date, you will receive a $100 refund per exam. No-shows for the testing appointment, and cancellations occurring less than four days in advance, will not receive a refund. All cancellations prior to scheduling an exam appointment are subject to a $25 fee per exam.

Exam registration fees are only valid for current exam dates and are not transferrable. If you wish to reschedule your exam for a different period, you must first cancel your current registration and register during the exam period of your choice.

If you have questions please contact MGMA toll-free at 877.275-6462, ext. 1888.


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