Important Details About NC MedAssist’s Move on December 1st

As you are aware, NC MedAssist’s office is moving to another location on December 1, 2015. Please read and share this email with your clinic’s management and providers. We are providing very specific details to you to ensure that your patients get the best service possible during this time of significant change.

  • Monday November 23, 2015, through Wednesday November 25th till noon will be business as usual for our pharmacy and enrollment staff. Our office will close at Noon on Wednesday November 25th to begin packing up. All prescriptions and enrollment files received after 12pm on Wednesday November 25th will be processed once the move to the new location is completed.
  • Thursday November 26 and Friday November 27th we are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Monday November 30, 2015, the moving company arrives at MedAssist to begin breaking down the pharmacy shelves and packing the moving truck. All phone systems and pharmacy systems will be off-line at this time. Please do not send prescriptions or enrollment files on this day as they may not be recovered.
  • Tuesday December 1, 2015, the moving company arrives at the new location 4428 Taggart Creek Rd, Suite 101 to unpack the truck. Beginning at 5pm on December 1st all phone numbers that we use will be ported over from one Telephone Company to another. Please do not send prescriptions or enrollment files during this time.  The possibility exists that during the porting of the phone numbers any documents coming in at that time may be lost. We have been instructed that the porting of phone numbers could take 15 minutes to an hour. So we recommend that agencies not send us prescriptions or enrollment applications anytime on December 1st. While we will not lose email ability during this time, access to our computers will be limited until they are hooked up on December 2nd.
  • Wednesday December 2nd and Thursday, December 3rd MedAssist will remain closed as we continue to unpack, set up and train staff on the new phone system.
  • Friday December 4th MedAssist will begin processing prescriptions and enrollment applications.
  • Monday December 7th MedAssist will be open for regular business.

Thank you for your attention as we plan to make a smooth transition to a larger home for NC MedAssist. If you have questions, please call or email Lori Giang, Executive Director at

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