New DMA Website Launches on October 27th

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) website will launch Tuesday afternoon, October 27th. The website will be organized and designed for easier access to the information to make it easier to serve Medicaid beneficiaries. Some of the new features will be:

  • Document Library. The new document library will be a convenient place to go for documents such as clinical coverage policies, fee schedules and manuals. By using “search” and selecting a type of document from a drop-down menu, you’ll see a list of documents that apply to you.
  • Get Started. Beneficiaries will start off with five straightforward steps to help them determine if Medicaid is right for them – without having to read through complex webpages. For example, Step 3 lists possible personal situations, such as having a disability, that list a quick description of available programs. There is even a “Fast Start: Apply Now” button on each page that takes an applicant directly to ePass.
  • Get Involved. This is a one-stop place to view public notices, comment on proposed policy changes or report fraud. It also includes contact information for committees and work groups. As we continue to engage the public, especially with Medicaid reform, future additions could include a public event calendar.
  • Find a Doctor. The dental, PCP and specialist provider lists now include an interactive map as an option. These lists will be updated on a regular basis.
  • ADA Compliant. The site design is more supportive of accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and also reflects the new North Carolina state government branding.
  • RSS Feeds. You can elect to be automatically notified when a file is posted to the document library.
  • Accessible. The website is more easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

Please note that the new website does not replace NCTracks, which will continue to be your source to file claims.

The DMA website is part of the N.C. Digital Commons Project, a multi-year effort to redesign all state department websites to be easier for our customers to navigate and provide a consistent look.

One of the best features of a website is its ability to be constantly improved. Your input is invaluable to help DHHS in its ongoing efforts to improve customer service. Please share comments and suggestions using the link at the bottom of each webpage.

Visit the new site here:


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  1. What is the URL for the new site? Is it

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