President’s Monthly Message

Jacob Rodman, 2014-15 NCMGMA President

Jacob Rodman, 2014-15 NCMGMA President

Dear Members,

Our national counterpart, the Medical Group Management Association, when communicating to its members, presses upon the greatness of “strength in numbers.”  Here on the state-level with NCMGMA, we too understand there is strength in numbers.  Whether we are talking about membership, the resources we offer, or our legislative initiatives, it is almost always win-win when there are more administrators participating in the call to action.

It is with “strength in numbers” in mind that we continue to forge partnerships with other organizations – both in our own state and outside of our borders – to enhance our industry and to create more valuable resources for our membership. NCMGMA is a leader among MGMA state affiliates: we have much to offer other organizations and there is much to gain from an allied partnership with us.  I am excited about the opportunities that are out there waiting for NCMGMA!

NCMGMA’s very own Conference Committee is putting together the final touches on the upcoming Leadership Summit, scheduled for September 16-18 at the prestigious Pinehurst Resort. The lineup of speakers looks phenomenal, but what I am most impressed with is the forethought our volunteers have shown in the planning of this meeting. With the major theme being “leadership,” the committee has thought of everything – from A to Z – in creating this Summit, from highlighting best practices for medical group leadership to setting up headshots and career coaching sessions – for free!

If you haven’t already registered for the Leadership Summit, please do so today and join us.  Click here to view an updated agenda and click here to register online now.

We have great leaders within NCMGMA and excellent partnerships to assist us with programs and opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily be possible without the cooperative help our association enjoys. The bottom line is this – there is strength in numbers and NCMGMA harnesses this strength to deliver QUALITY in every association initiative, from legislation to membership to everything in between!

Jacob Rodman
2014-15 NCMGMA President


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