President’s Monthly Message

Dear Members:

Jacob Rodman, 2014-15 NCMGMA President

Jacob Rodman, 2014-15 NCMGMA President

It simply seems impossible for me to express to you, via an e-News posting, how impressed and excited I am with both the leadership of NCMGMA and the collaborative events we are working on to bring to our membership for 2016.

In the June President’s message, NCMGMA announced that in 2016, we will be hosting a Fall Conference in conjunction with our partners at the North Carolina Medical Society. Todd Pittman, CMPE of Alliance Urology, is leading this effort on our association’s behalf and has already established a complete committee including:

  • Ginger Drake, CMPE
  • Frank Chitty
  • Pam Saunders
  • Linda Wooten, FACMPE
  • Marina Calabrese
  • Eric Stone

They have already met to begin detailing out this meeting and are hard at work determining the best sessions, speakers and topics for our membership. Many thanks to these outstanding leaders who are taking time to create what we know will be a spectacular event for our members.

Are you ready for NCMGMA’s first ever Leadership Summit? The Conference Committee has once again put together a conference that is unique and promises to be a meeting you cannot afford to miss – all focused on Leadership. This conference stands out as I look at the agenda with the lineup of speakers, but also, the opportunity for our members to update their headshots and to meet with a resume and career coach. We are looking out for your best interest both for your practice as well as for you as a professional! Register today at and join us September 16-18 in Pinehurst.

Coming soon, NCMGMA will be sending out nominations for the Board of Directors. I encourage you to consider this as an opportunity to enrich your professional career by joining the NCMGMA Board. While there is work involved with these positions, personally, I would like to take this time to express how rewarding this volunteer position has been for me. The networking, camaraderie, and the understanding of how and what it takes to run an association is something I will take with me from here on out. I look forward to receiving great candidate’s profiles for these positions and thank you for considering joining our leadership team.


Jacob Rodman
2014-15 NCMGMA President


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