NCTracks Updates: June 26, 2015

General Updates

Reminder – No Checkwrite on June 30
As stated in the published approved 2015 checkwrite schedules, “NCTracks will issue 50 checkwrites per fiscal year. The payment cycle will be weekly, exceptions being the last week of June (end of state fiscal year) and the next to last week of the calendar year.” There will be no checkwrite on June 30. The next checkwrite will be on July 7.

The 2015 checkwrite schedules for both DMA and DMH/DPH/ORHCC can be found under the Quick Links on the right side of the Provider Portal home page at

No Fax or Email for Sterilization, Hysterectomy or Adjustment Forms
This is a reminder to providers: Sterilization Consent Forms and Hysterectomy Statements should not be faxed or emailed. All Sterilization Consent Forms and Hysterectomy Statements shall be mailed to:

P.O. Box 30968
Raleigh, NC 27622

Also, Medicaid Resolution Inquiry Forms and Medicaid Adjustment Request Forms should not be faxed or emailed. They shall be mailed to:

P.O. Box 300009
Raleigh, NC 27622

Important Information About Sterilization Claims

  • Electronic Sterilization Claims for Undocumented Aliens – Inpatient delivery claims, for “Undocumented Aliens” who had a non-covered sterilization provided during the stay, can be submitted electronically via the NCTracks provider portal with the non-covered charges listed in the non-covered column. To meet documentation requirements found in sterilization policy 1E-3 a printed version of the UB claim with the sterilization charges moved to the non-covered column and a statement in the remarks field indicating charges for sterilization were entered in the non-covered column must also be uploaded in the provider portal with the electronic claim submission.
  • Electronic Sterilization Claims for Non-Covered Sterilization Claims – Inpatient delivery claims which include non-covered sterilization services not related to “Undocumented Aliens” should be submitted electronically. The claim will be denied with EOB 00041 (Federal Sterilization Consent Form Required). After receiving a denial providers should submit a paper adjustment request form with supporting documentation. The adjustment request should include a UB claim form with the sterilization charges in the non-covered column and a statement in the remarks field indicating non-covered charges are for sterilization. Adjustment instructions and documentation requirements can be found on the NCTracks provider portal.

This is based on Clinical Coverage Policy 1E-3 Medicaid and Health Choice Sterilization Procedures, which can be found on the N.C. Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) website. Note: Failure to complete both the Non-Covered column and the Remarks field will result in denial.

Issues List Updated on Provider Portal
The Issues List has been updated. The most recent version of the list can be found under Quick Links on the NCTracks Provider Portal Home Page. The list includes a brief explanation of the issue, the type(s) of providers affected, the status of the issue, comments/resolution of the issue, and the date the issue was resolved. The list is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which can be sorted, filtered, or searched to find the items of most interest. The list is not intended to include every issue, but rather the prevalent ones impacting multiple providers. Issues are added and updated regularly. Providers are encouraged to check the list before contacting the Call Center, in case it may be a known issue.

Training Update

DPH Provider Training Courses in July 2015
The NCTracks training being offered in the month of July is for providers of services from the Division of Public Health (DPH). Registration is now open for several instructor-led training courses for DPH providers that will be held in July 2015. The duration varies depending on the course. For details on the courses, the dates and times they are being offered, and instructions for how to enroll, see the announcement on the Provider Training page of the NCTracks Provider Portal.


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