North Carolina has a Rich History of Industry Professionals Who’ve Earned Certification and Fellowship

Taking the first step is simple.  To apply, you must have two years of experience as a practice manager with at least six months in a supervisory role.  You must also be a member of MGMA.  The next step is to apply for Certification, which requires a $250 application fee and proof of work history.

As a Nominee, you work at your own pace to prepare for a 175 question and a 3 essay question exams.  There are many helpful resources to help you prepare including practice exams, study groups, and work books based on the MGMA Body of Knowledge.  Many of these resources are little to no cost. This certification is designed to be a self-paced process.

Fellowship – Plan now to earn your fellowship in 2015!
If you have already taken the step to Certification, then resolve this year to take the final step in your journey toward Fellowship.  This is the highest level of distinction in medical practice management.

Starting that journey is also simple.  A program application and fee of $250 starts the process.  The program requirements are to author one of three types of papers: exploratory, historical, or focus.

Topics of interest for endless as this is such a dynamic time to be working in healthcare!

Here are some important Fellowship dates:

  • May 1 – recommended outline deadline IT IS NOT TOO LATE! (This is suggested for October recognition. Outlines are accepted all year-long)
  • Aug 14 – final manuscript deadline
  • Oct. 11-14 – New Fellow Recognition at MGMA Annual Conference in Nashville

Commit to make 2015 the year you keep your New Year’s Resolution to achieve Certification or Fellowship.  If you have questions or want to discuss the process further, please feel free to contact anyone on the ACMPE Committee!


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